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What is PBIS?

PBIS Award


Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide system of tools and

strategies for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and correcting inappropriate behavior. It is a framework for creating customized school systems that support student outcomes and academic success. PBIS is a school-wide preventative behavior program that take the approach of being proactive and preventative. It changes the focus from the negative behaviors to the positive expectations and interactions.


Reagan Elementary has been recognized by the State of California as a Platinum level PBIS School. This is the highest level of recognition and we are proud to offer our students the support and encouragement that makes coming to school each day enjoyable. 


An important piece to PBIS is the understanding that appropriate behavior and social skills require DIRECT teaching to students just like math and reading. We cannot assume that students automatically have these skills. 


Another important piece to PBIS is the data that we are able to collect which helps our site to make informed decisions about school-wide expectations and practices. This data also helps our team determine which students need additional support and/or interventions through various programs offered on site during the school day. 


Check-in/Check-out: students are partnered with a staff member on campus for a regular check-in and check-out to establish goals for the day and allows the student the positive reinforcement that they may need to be successful. 

Playworks: a curriculum used during the unstructured time (such as recess) that an adult will teach students how to play with others, take turns, ask to join in play, and engage is safe and appropriate play. 

P.A.C.K Lab: this is an intervention offered during lunchtime where students learn about appropriate behavior both in and out of the classroom. The lessons are targeted toward student’s specific needs such as how to ask for help, attending to task, participating in class, assignment completion, etc. 

These are just a few of the common interventions we offer at Reagan. We are always analyzing data to ensure we provide the appropriate support and intervention based on our student’s needs. 

Parent Information

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a positive plan for discipline that is utilized school-wide approach to proactively prevent or reduce challenging behaviors and produce positive outcomes.  Students are directly taught the school-wide expectations in each area of the campus regularly using both examples and non-examples of appropriate behavior.  Students are then rewarded for illustrating the expected behaviors across campus by any staff member on campus. This allows for positive behavior choices to be cultivated in students and modeled for others.   The goal of PBIS is to create a positive school environment, so that all students feel safe and are able to learn and grow!

What is P.A.C.K Pride?


At Reagan Elementary we hold high expecatations for our students in academics, athletics/ co-curriculars, and behavior. We remind students of Reagan’s acronym EVERY DAY!  We teach our Timberwolves to be: 



Caring & Kind


We teach these tenants daily in and out of the classroom. Each represents the expectations of positive behavior and supports the development of the whole child. Signs are posted in all areas of campus, including the classroom,  to remind students what they stand for and how they apply in each area on campus. 

Students are reminded through the daily announcements and classroom instruction/ discussions and expectations, to ALWAYS show PACK Pride in all that they do. We like catching our students demonstrating PACK Pride and reward them with PAW Tickets they accumulate and use to spend at our PAW Store. 

Each month two students are selected by the classroom teacher as a LEADER OF THE PACK. These students have demonstrated what it means to be a T-Wolf by applying the tenants in all areas become role models for their peers as well as younger students on campus. Their names are proudly announced monthly on the morning announcements and Leaders of the PACK are sent up to the office to collect their LEADER of the PACK reward (bumper sticker, water bottle sticker, key chain, yard sign, etc.) We are always so proud of these students and believe that ALL students can achieve the goal of being a Leader of the PACK! 


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