Reagan Elementary Bus Schedule

Children getting onto the school bus

Students are to arrive at the bus stop nearest their home five minutes before the scheduled departure time. Walking distance is a 2.5 mile radius for grades 7-12 and 1 mile radius for grades K-6. Drop off times are approximate times.

Download 2017-2018 Bus Schedule

Bus passes for students who live within the walking distance and chose to walk to an exisiting bus stop, provided space is available on the regular bus, may purchase a bus pass from the district for $195/year, or $115 from September-January or February-June semesters. These passes can be purchased from the Transportation office by appointment. Buss passes for Community Funded Bus runs (CFBR) must be purchased directly from the Chairperson. Cost of these passes vary depending on the run. Contact the CFBR or the Transportation Office for more information at 559-327-9701.