Important Reminder for Current 6th Grade Students:

ALL STUDENTS entering the 7th grade are required by California State Law SB 277 to present documentation of having already received the Tdap booster prior to the beginning of of starting 7th grade.  You must present WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION from your doctor or clinic that your child has received this booster.  Please submit documentation to the Reagan Health Office.  Your child will NOT RECEIVE their 7th grade class schedule until all immunizations are complete.  Submitting proof of immunizations early will support a smooth transition into 7th grade.  



Health Office

Welcome to Reagan Health Office Web Page.  We hope you find this page useful for your student's health needs. This page has information regarding illness, head lice, immunizations, medication at school, as well as important school forms.  Please feel free to contact our nursing team if you have any questions or concerns at 559-327-8948 or email at the address's listed below:

Nursing Team

School Nurse:  Hope Garcia, RN                                                                                                                                 

Health Assistant ll:  Stephanie Andrade, LVN                                                                                                                    


Student Health Information

Student Health Handbook: 16-17_Health_Handbook.pdf

Student Health Center: Clinicflyer SV 08 16.pdf

Immunizations: School Immunizations.pdf

Immunizations Needed for School: Immunizations Needed to Attend School.pdf

Immunizations Links for Review:



Head Lice Information: headfirst-lice_lessons.pdf    -AND-    HFLL_101_parents_2015.pdf

Medical Insurance Assistance: DOES-YOUR-FAMILY-HAVE-COVERAGE-English.pdf



School Forms

Student Physical Form: CHDP Form pm171a(bi).pdf

Student Dental Assessment Form: CalifDentalInspectionReport.pdf

Medication at School Form: NS_MT-1_Medication_Spec_Meals.pdf

Special Meal Accommodation Forms: medstat4-2016.doc

Family Life Video Permission Slips: Reagan Family Life Permission Slip.docx


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